Man versus Women: Victoria/Tomas Fall/Winter 2017 PFW

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If the name of the brand is any suggestion, Victoria/Tomas revolves around a stark dichotomy between male and female. The brand’s Fall/Winter collection was no different: flouncy dresses paired seamlessly with traditional mens daywear. Trench coats were a staple: with sleeves billowing out to extravagant heights. The collection had a hint of nostalgia, and when I say nostalgia, I really mean it: it felt reminiscent of the wardrobe of men and women of early America: from the heavy ruffled collars of a psuedo-Victorian era to gingham ruffling a la Little House on the Prairie. Don’t think this hint of days past didn’t give the collection a full jolt of attitude: every piece felt creative, but present in today.

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