Parisian Novelties: Neith Nyer Fall/Winter 2017 PFW

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Donning headgear that recalled colonial mob caps and Nintendo’s Pikmin, the Neith Nyer Fall/Winter 2017 runway was a brazen experiment. Tossing seasonal trends out the window, the majority of the looks incorporated an O-ring in the garment’s center. It left an unusual space that also exposed a bit of skin (not that there was a lack of that either, thanks to the shoulder and pocket cut-outs). Equally unusual were some of the prints and textiles: a geriatric floral stacked atop a micro-leopard print and peach colored frosted plastic. Certainly niche, designer Francisco Terra can’t be criticized for lack of novel effort. Ruching was a big thing for Terra as well.  Playing with chartreuse velvet and lilac satin, it was a sultry and feminine look that recalled a distinct memory of early ’00-era fashion. Though the Neith Nyer collection was a lot to visually process, there’s something to be said for the its forthright design and glaring attitude.

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