Leather Queens: DROMe Fall/Winter 2017 PFW

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Slaying it with the leather as usual, Marianna Rosati took a step back from the flashy metallic and foil materials from her previous spring season. For DROMe’s Fall/Winter 2017 collection at PFW, she instead focused on vampy leather dresses and statement outerwear. Like other designers this season, sleeves were cut loose and billowy at the shoulder tapering sharply down to a fitted sleeve. Paired with the mutton-leg shape were little knots which looked cute in the rich mulberry-hued number. Paneled construction with organic shapes married vibrant leathers to textural velvets — the light, sinuous curves a delicious contrast to the weight of the fabrication. Rosati’s woolen coats also included patchwork colors, as if the result of skinning a legion of teddy bears. The high pile of the fur was another visual antithesis relative to the leather’s demi-matte finish. Season after season, DROMe has continued to find a way to effectively (and impressively) reinvent leather as a design material.

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