The Village Shaman: Quoi Alexander Fall/Winter 2017 PFW

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Hard work really does pay off. In the case of Quoi Alexander, the dedication and effort in the craftsmanship is plain to see in the stunning Fall/Winter 2017 collection at PFW. While macrame does conjure up an image of ’70s kitsch, here it returns using nylon cords as an example of modern artisanal skill. On first impression, the pieces seemed to take reference from religious authority as seen in the caftan and stole-like designs. There was a sense of stone-faced sobriety in the rigid shoulder silhouettes, emphasized by the weight in his fabrics and layering. The best part of Alexander’s work was in the delicate looking neckpieces that were loosely threaded together and tied in the back. It almost came across as clinical looking, as if an orthopedic brace. But in the piece that combined it with a verdant green lace, the overall effect was surprisingly feminine and novel. Alexander proves himself again as an innovative designer that can take womenswear in a new direction without the emerging pressure of incorporating extreme fashion technologies. With an emphasis on traditional handwork, he continues to excel.

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