YOUNG BLOODS: Kaimin Autumn/Winter 2017

The Fable Warrior
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While Deux Hommes has always been a home to emerging designers on the fashion scene, we’ve come to realize that there are a handful of designers that don’t quite get the recognition they deserve. Between those who have a few more seasons of experience or those who perhaps tailor their work to mass appeal and profits, there is a small sub-section of designers that often gets lost in the fray.

These designers who will be highlighted in our upcoming segment, “Young Bloods,” represent the driving force in the creative fashion industry. Highly conceptual, their works are a raw and unmitigated reflection of their own individual perspective and creativity. Through their collections, these talents are capable of telling lush narratives through fabric and shape, speaking to the culture and issues that they currently face. Though perhaps too experimental for some, that’s the precise reason we’ve chosen to showcase them through our new platform. With Deux Hommes acting as a launch pad to help catapult their careers, make sure to keep an eye out for the best of these up-and-comers.

For our first featured designer known mononymously as Kaimin,  it comes as no surprise to see her Autumn/Winter 2017 collection bursting with latex, leather and alternative silhouettes (e.g. those winged shoulder protrusions). For the South-Korean born designer, S&M is a recurring and copious inspiration in her work. This collection titled, “Fable Warrior,” brought a futuristic punk character to life, shaped by both extreme femininity and structured militancy. The soft layers of tulle tutus and puff-sleeves helped the New York-based polymath synthesize a new story that incorporated elements of fetishwear. Rather than reiterating the contrived extremes of BDSM, she was able to showcase a playful and fluid duality. This carried over in the exaggerated ruffles (quite spectacular in its sheer size alone) and lively color palette that also included an iridescent plastic. An collection of both breadth and depth, some of Kaimin’s most memorable pieces were the caped gown with camo-print train as well as the latex jacket with belted corset in bubblegum pink. Well-versed in multiple creative disciplines, Kaimin is one of the few that sparks a lavish and unadulterated creative force.

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