YOUNG BLOODS: Sharp Sabotage by Beissoul & Einius

Sharp Sabotage
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Deliciously theatrical and absolutely surreal, this is the first collection by Baltic electrofashion duo, Beissoul & Einius. While fashion and music have always gone hand-in-hand, it’s seldom we see a creative synthesis as fully fleshed as this one. Titled, “Sharp Sabotage,” the collection possesses an inarguable visual gravitas: staunchly regal with a touch of otherworldly glamour. Constructed by hand from broken glass and steel, some of the costumes weigh anywhere from 30 to 40 kilograms (for our American readers, that’s somewhere in the realm of 65 to 90 pounds).

In this fashion story, UTOPIA, the sheer volume of each design is further exaggerated in comparison to the slight frames of the boyish models. Ornate neckpieces sit atop crisp white shirting and opulent furs and leathers — a rich myriad of texture. But with a natural emphasis on stage appeal, it’s the designs with broken glass that catch the light incomparably. Every inch of the bell-shaped sleeves are completely and remarkably encrusted. Shining like a beacon, this collection beckons our attention to Beissoul & Einius. With a second collection already in the works, it’s clear that the two are exceedingly talented.


Photography: Migle Golubickaite

Make up: Austeja Marija Jascaninaite

Hair: Andrius Valaitis

Design: Beissoul & Einius

Stylist: Giedre Kvaraciejute

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