YOUNG BLOODS: InKrUsH Thesis Collection

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One part fashion label and one part creative manifesto, this week’s Young Blood feature introduces Barcelona-based brand InKrUsH. Taking its name from the physical aspect of creativity (ink) and the emotional surge (rush) of its designer Carlos Calvo Terrasa, InKrUsH is a holistic expression that blends art, music and social criticism. Along the same vein as last week’s inductees, Terrasa is caught in a wild love affair between music and fashion, a saucy and artistic ménage à trois. The Spanish designer translates music into three-dimensional form, stretching the shapes of sound waves and symphonies into his silhouettes.

Only a week or so ago, Terrasa was the recent recipient of the Hempel’s top-honor Gold Award at MBFW Beijing. His debut collection titled, “Dream Hole,” interpreted traditional Chinese architecture in the rounded shapes and accordion folds, echoing structures like the Temple of Heaven and its tiers and stairways. Indeed, there was a vaguely oriental feel to the whimsical hats that sat so exaggeratedly high on the head. Not one to stop there though, Terrasa also referenced modernist art and medium specificity, singing an ode to canvas as his textile of choice. Layered and oriented orthographically on the back of a jacket, it replicated the canvas of a traditional painter and was even styled along with 3-D silicone brooches shaped like squirts of paint on a palette.

This first collection is the perfect all-around introduction to InKrUsH as a brand and Terrasa as a designer. Abstract and aspirational, it’s a wonderful thesis collection that possesses an uncanny aesthetic and earnest vision. And though it’s been hinted that the collection will be released later this year in June, we’re already curious to know what else Terrasa is planning in the seasons to come. Certainly a label with something to say, InKrUsH has set a high bar for itself to surpass.

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