Alive in the Night Time: Andrew Coimbra Fall/Winter 2017

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Toronto-bred designed Andrew Coimbra’s Fall/Winter 2017 collection was an ode to the creatures of the night. Inspired by the night owl, the one who sees the sunrise, the one who lives for the darkness, Coimbra translated his fascination of darkness, and in turn those little glimpses of the streetlight, into a viscerally-charged collection. While Coimbra’s bomber jackets have long-since been adopted by the Toronto female fashion flock, this season marked Coimbra’s first dedicated foray into the womenswear world. His Fall/Winter 2017 collection was meant to suit anyone, regardless of their place on the gender spectrum. From textured miniskirts paired with devil-may-care heels to more structured overcoats, each piece was designed to be gender neutral. There was a subtle emphasis on texture (fitting of his background in material art & design from the Ontario College of Art & Design), like on a touch-me-soft woven bombers, finished in a black-and-white pattern reminiscent of army camouflage.
And while the picture of a night owl may ignite countless images of clubwear, the collection was anything but. Pieces had a confidence to them, yes, but the collection as more about comfort and quality – think the perfect overcoat, luscious knits, and patent work coats – over look-at-me pieces.

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