YOUNG BLOODS: A Month in Rewind

A Month in Rewind
Young Blood

Looking back, it’s been about a month since we’ve debuted our new segment, “Young Bloods,” here on Deux Hommes. And though we’ve always been the aspiring epicenter for all things emerging and fashionable, this corner is particularly special for harboring the most remarkable and experimental burgeoning talents on the fashion scene to date.

We kicked off the series earlier in March with the ferociously fresh New York-based designer Kaimin. We were privy to the audacity of camouflage gowns, tutus and devilish shoulder silhouettes that would have even put the late David Bowie to shame. Then we got to talking with Niels Gundtoft Hansen from Hæværk. A wonderful romantic, he chatted with us about what it was like to finally launch his own brand, meet Renzo Rosso and John Galliano, and the challenges he’s faced as an emerging designer.

As for our recent spotlights, they were both coincidentally music-fashion collaboratives. When the Baltic musical duo Beissoul & Einius sent us their first collection called, “Sharp Sabotage,” we were floored by its unexpected grandiosity. Built from glass and steel, it was an impressive start to the pair’s design careers. Similarly inspired by sound and song, Carlos Calvo Terrasa from InKrUsH offered us his gorgeous thesis collection which won the Hempel Award at Fashion Week Beijing, a competition for designer tenderfoots. Establishing a creative doctrine as much as a fashion label, InKrUsH is the paragon for new Barcelona-based talent.

“Young Bloods,” has taken great strides in the few weeks since its inception. As such, we’ll continue to selectively curate the most thought-provoking and controversial designers for future features —designers that erase, rewrite and redefine typical fashion boundaries. Keep posted for more of the best in the weeks to come.

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