YOUNG BLOODS: Viviano Sue Fall/Winter 2017

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It’s a shame that Tokyo, an iconic city known for its progressive technology and fashion extremes, hasn’t had the fair amount of fashion exposure it deserves in the global arena. Perhaps due to the city’s penchant for avant-garde maximalism, Tokyo finds itself less commercially digestible and lucrative compared to the styles of other fashion capitals. But they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and for the Young Blood family,  the city’s no-holds-barred aesthetic came to life in Viviano Sue’s Fall/Winter 2017 collection, “Plumage.”

Not one to shy away from the spotlight, Sue’s angled cuts incorporated both feathers and furs in a gamut of colors. Paired with statement lace, heavy knitwear and feathered fascinators, the collection channeled a re-imagined take on Victorian era dress. To be fair, there were basic and more wearable pieces of merit (e.g. the burnt orange sweater dress or the knitted robe in moss green) that emerged as the runway progressed. But as in nature, showy plumage and headdress was the best when it came to turning heads. Sue showed exceptional talent not only in his garments, but also in standout accessories and headpieces. And now that he’s captured our attention, what the designer will do next in upcoming projects and collections has become all the more imperative in his growing career. With all eyes on Sue, it’s up to him to top the beautiful extravagance of this current collection and impress.

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