Starlight: Victoria Scandale Fall/Winter 2017

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Individualism and sovereignty are ringing qualities that are far and few between within the designs of the fashion industry. An ability to exude originality while tapping into key trends is an incredulous task for many designers.  Trailblazing amongst the veterans and rookies, Victoria Scandale embodies timeless cuts with metamorphic detailing that distinguishes who the Scandale woman is.

Victoria Scandale is a Paris-based designer who derives her inspiration from international exploration and the universal language that is music. With a focus on artisanal cuts, luxury fabrics and materials, Scandale curates her beautiful canvases for her art from the best French and Italian suppliers. Scandale consistently creates collections for the free spirited woman with a intricate focus on the details of every garment. 

Working from an urbane palette, her latest Fall / Winter 2017-2018 collection “STARLIGHT” transports the wearer into a land of the bold and the beautiful.The extravagance is built from her innate ability to create volume while maintaining femininity within her designs. Entrapped with bold volumes from the sleeves to the hems,  she cultivates her signature autonomy through the daring constructional aspects of each garment while infusing seasonal directions of velvet, embellishments and 3D detailing. She plays into the idea of creating the new classic: old cuts with revitalized elements for its wearer.  Reflecting the nature of a true woman, Scandale’s collection embodies a lionhearted elegance.

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