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Though a terse statement, it needs to be said: fashion is really, really fun. Before all else, fashion is this wonderful visual celebration of identity — a way to showcase who you are and who you want to be. And as a multi-billion dollar industry, it’s a fact that sometimes gets lost along the way. That’s why it’s with heart-warming pleasure that we present budding label, L’EGSQERE, this week as a part of the Young Bloods collective.

The creative lovechild of Nadia Montero and Laura Searle (who you might remember from a few weeks ago), L’EGSQERE was conceived only earlier this year, and this collection marks their official debut. Taking apart the traditional white shirt, Montero and Searle focused on play as a core tenet in their design philosophy. As a result, their garments are interactive on multiple levels, allowing people to manipulate them in a way that expresses their creativity and playful individuality. 360° shirts allow the user to wear the garment in any direction, putting their favorite print (hand-painted, mind you) front and center. A quilted jacket, once unbuttoned and deconstructed, morphs into two separate and functional tote bags. Felt-tipped markers scribble across garments, giving them a dégradé treatment with child-like ease.

There’s something remarkably freeing about Montero and Searle’s approach to L’EGSQERE. There doesn’t seem to be any definite rules or rigidity (other than having fun, according to the label’s Instagram) , and it results in a collection that feels both organic and inviting. It’s easy to imagine L’EGSQERE establishing a loyal and quirky legion of fans, all interpreting the designers’ pieces in innovative and imaginative ways. In short, we expect great things Montero and Searle. Cheers to L’EGSQERE and new beginnings.

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