Stars & Feathers : COTE Fall/Winter 2017

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The symbiotic souls and carbon copy creativity of Tomaso Anfossi and Francesco Ferrari was the foundation for the start of COTE. Bred from the roots of designers and creatives, the pair has built its label from the constant test of artisanal boundaries within every collection. The brand’s philosophy is a push and pull of between sophistication and experimental tailoring.

Like a work of art, they used the fabric as a canvas and painted the collection with strokes of lace, feathers and ruffled hems. Graphic floral prints and star-shaped stamps were aesthetically lowbrow compared to the sheer chiffon and structured pleats, but the combination worked complementary. The collection offered a few standouts: namely, the culottes with juxtaposed facing and a shift dress with a waterfall fur trim — both visually intriguing for different reasons. Never by the book but instead always ahead of the pack, COTE leads with a sense of keen originality and playful design.

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