A Parade of Pomp: Edward Crutchley Spring/Summer 2018 LFW

A Parade of Pomp
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Turning a blind eye to its arrogance, we can only adore the glorious pompousness unique to Edward Crutchley and his work. Decked in lustrous silks and elfin floral prints, his Spring/Summer 2018 collection at London Fashion Week forecasts a season of vigorous confidence. As in his previous work, gender means nothing and sex means everything. Glittering Lurex jersey, lush patterns with gourds and leaves and a color palette that combines gold and celadon all emphasize a blossoming fertility. Made clear by the support of crinolines, Crutchley pushed for a wider silhouette, a daring assertion that would be deemed conventionally abhorrent. But as controversial as those spread collars and blocky blazers may be, we can’t deny a beautiful and enviable grace to the fluid silks and Medieval prints in Crutchley’s collection. Not necessarily romantic, but perhaps in a way, poetic.


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