Filename.PSD: Alex Mullins Spring/Summer 2018 LFWM

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Like the floral graphics Alex Mullins chose to use in his Spring/Summer 2018 collection, the garments themselves arrived warped and distorted to the runway. Mullins has drawn heavily from traditional media in the past like in his painted denims from the Fall/Winter 2016 season. Grounded now in the present, digital media has finally sparked a new muse. Ditsy daisy prints are always cute and fitting for the warmer months, but the stretched out patterns now seem inauthentic and less attractive. Sleeves and collars were pulled down and side-to-side, the actual designs emphasizing an unnatural manipulation. Denims seem to be Mullins’s strong point, the dark wash jacket still enviable despite its lack of shape. An interesting next step for Mullins, this collection was personally the most resonant one to date.

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