Courtside: Astrid Andersen Spring/Summer 2018 LFWM

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Despite being a relatively new face on the world stage of menswear, Astrid Andersen has quickly earned her chops. Case and point: her logo, emanating the same vintage basketball feel her collections usually reference, feels almost like a household image for those in the know. Why has the Danish-born, London-showing designer made such a splash? Because she knows how to do one thing (that thing being luxury sportswear-influenced streetwear) and one thing really well. More specifically, spruced-up basketball wear a la 90’s ballers. Think basketball shorts made from kimono silk, court-ready hoodies cropped far above the navel, and ultra-indulgent crushed velvet sweatsuits. A little ostentatious for a collection rooted in baller culture? Surprisingly no: Andersen has once again achieved the perfect symbiosis between flashy and surprisingly subversive.

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