Geek Squad: Martine Rose Spring/Summer 2018 LFWM

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From ’90s grunge to ’90s normcore, designers and layman alike have drawn from a specific period of past nostalgia for quite a while now. At London Fashion Week Men’s, Martine Rose was in no rush to leave the decade and instead formulated a collection on what could be called, “’90s techcore.”  Despite the rock-climbing wall as the runway’s backdrop, the actual clothes appeared far less athletic. There was the massive widths that we know and love, as well as charmingly awkward lengths in three-quarter sleeve shirts and short combinations. Boxy leathers and cargo shorts screamed the fashion era, urged louder by funky colorblocking and quarter zip sweaters. However, smaller details like Rose’s name written in a corporate looking font were subtly cool. The black and lavender top actually looked surprisingly sleek paired against statement belt buckles.  Less dorky and more alternative, the collection was a welcome addition to London’s seasonal roster.

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