Go Fly a Kite: Craig Green Spring/Summer 2018 LFWM

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Craig Green’s runway shows at London Fashion Week Men’s are always the most unusual. Unlike other designers who employ more accessible frames of reference, it always takes a bit more effort to understand Green’s collections. Just as an example, last season saw a sort of “Urban Survivalist” concept with snow gear and Arabian carpeting. And if you’ll remember his debut at MAN, there were the wooden sculptures that hung around the model’s faces. Now for Spring/Summer 2018, Green took to kite-like structures made of fabrics stretched across wooden dowels, supplemented by zig-zag stitching and thick ropes. The pseudo-pleated material was another interesting facet to the collection and was actually constructed of cords that ran through the fabric, giving it a shape and form all its own. Green positions himself as an artist first before a designer, and it’s a decision that’s worked in his favor. Sure to be a hit among fashion editors globally, this collection is nothing short of sublime.

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