Goddesses of Destiny: ROBERTS | WOOD Autumn/Winter 2017

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Emerging as one of London’s most exciting, creative talents, Katie Roberts-Wood brings dreamlike flair to her silhouettes and materials for the Autumn/Winter 2017 season. Known for its striking yet beautiful play on proportion and cut, ROBERTS | WOOD, takes luxury to a new dimension thanks to fabric manipulation and ethereal form. Now in its fourth season, ROBERTS | WOOD continues to explore thematic elements and conceptual thinking while maintaining its sharp focus on construction and technique.

Dubbed “Moirae”, known in Greek mythology as the goddesses of destiny, this collection drew upon themes of predetermination, luck and influence in daily life. The dual forces of humanity and superstition contributed to a softer, serene outlook for fall. Cerebral notions aside, this was a strong and cohesive collection punctuated with conviction and authority. Simple shirt-dresses and jackets received special treatment with cutouts and tulle appliqués in unexpected places. Bold ruching and large knots were a welcome addition that instantly elevated pieces with dramatic effect. And for the shirts with varying lengths, layering was key to achieving maximum impact. Overall a spectacular effort on behalf of Roberts-Wood, the designer herself is destined to become one of the UK’s best.
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