For Generation Z: SUNNEI Spring/Summer 2018 MFWM

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If we’re speaking frankly, Milan Fashion Week can sometimes be a bit of a bore. We’re not too fond of the ultra-classic Italian tailoring that is often so synonymous with the iconic Italian city. It’s for this particular reason that Sunnei is such a relief to review when we do cover MFWM. Loris Messina and Simone Rizzo always bring something new to the seasonal table, and their Spring/Summer 2018 collection didn’t disappoint. Bold, graphic and punchy, their work was  undeniably young and fresh.

Given a light-hearted palette of bold primaries and backed by metallic copper, it was a summer collection best suited for play than work. Denim capris and culottes with drawstring hems on the legs were awkward, but in the ironic way that’s hip and oh-so cool. Evidenced by an iconic photo print of Tom from MySpace, Sunnei honed in on Generation Y and Z. Messina and Rizzo formulated a collection that they knew would be cool in the eyes of a younger audience. And they hit it right on the mark too, producing a collection that’s completely reblog/regram/retweet worthy.

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