Mix It Up: Ingrid Pettersson Fall/Winter 2017

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For any newcomer to the fashion industry, one of the most important things to prioritize is your image. Every designer, brand or label strives to earn a signature word or phrase that encapsulates their aesthetic and visual contribution to current fashion. Within her first two years as an active designer, Ingrid Pettersson, a Norwegian designer and illustrator, is able to sum up her namesake label in one word: remixes. Mixing old references with the new, her traditional bodices play with opposing fabrics and colorways.

In her latest collection “5h3 6375 Hi6h”, Pettersson built her designs using an earthy palette. Like others for Fall/Winter 2017,  she hopped onto seasonal trends of multi-level fabrics, shimmer detailing and tulle overlay without being too overt. The stellar collection featured feminine tulle notes, tiered ruffles and suits that exemplified power dressing for women of the ‘80s. Regardless of whether you’re a devotee for classic haute couture or a fan of seasonal trends, Pettersson’s Autumn/Winter 2017 remix should have both parties in awe.

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