Blue Suede Shoes: Etudes Spring/Summer 2018 PFWM

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Etudes has been one of my highlights of Paris’s menswear offerings for years. The collective-based studio is always running on full cylinders: in addition to churning out much-loved menswear offerings season after season, Etudes also produces a host of books, magazines, and other creative projects. To keep all their projects identifiable to their studio, Jeremie Egry and Aurelien Arbet (Etudes’ ringmasters), always mark their work with an identifiable shade of Etudes blue. And that blue is something that played out throughout the brand’s Spring/Summer 2018 offerings at Paris Fashion Week. Blue was the color of thick stripes on summer suits. Blue was the color of  full-denim Canadian tuxedos and denim fluid pants. Blue was the color of graffiti-marked languid shirts. Blue was even popping out under stark-white trousers. But in addition to the familiar hues of blue, Etudes  also popped in head-turning shades of canary yellow, translated into matching workjackets and trousers. A collection that yes, feels like familiar territory for the Paris-based brand, still has a whole new appeal.

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