Homage to the Seas: 22/4 Hommes Spring/Summer 2018 PFWM

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The inception of creation is built upon our memories. Any aspect of the creative process for a young designer is derived from the known and the inspiration to explore. Stephanie Hahn, the Germany based designer behind 22/4 Hommes Femmes, pulls her creative talent heavily from her past. Hahn cultivated her design aesthetic under the apprenticeship of Frank Leder, a classical tailor who specialized in traditional menswear. Her recent collection paid a homage to her mentor, playing with classic bodices but elevated with progressive design detailing and unconventional colors.

In her Spring 2018 collection “Seaside Memories”, Hahn took a trip down memory lane with a tribute to her days by the beach where she watched the sea meet the sky. The marriage of clean cut tailoring, bold prints and aquatic colors was at the center of Hahn’s collection. Nautical notes were strung through cords and eyelet detailing as she conveyed the seaside lifestyle from hem to hem. Her childhood memories were channeled through an exceptional array of luxe materials and vibrant color combinations that encapsulated a strong oceanic feel. The standout pieces were unisex ’20s-inspired jumpsuits that recalled old-school swimwear and tailored blazers with color-blocked shorts. The array of light Italian tropical wool, viscose blends, Lurex, and silk encompassed a harmonious life by the sea.


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