See Me in Capris: Kramer & Stoudt Spring/Summer 2018 NYFWM

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The Kramer & Stoudt Spring/Summer 2018 collection seemed a composition of two halves that don’t quite make a whole. While there were menswear staples that were very dry and flavorless, there were certain pieces that carried the collection. The third look, a co-ord ensemble in a rich indigo, channeled the Japanese Americana look that was so popular a few years past. Nonetheless, the spread collar and light, deconstructed silhouette was charming in its effortlessness. And while all the trousers here were cropped to some degree, none were quite so short as the culotte/capri that ended just past the knee. Though an odd length, it elicits a sense of quirkiness and memorability. Had the rest of the collection followed suit with these pieces, the entire Kramer & Stoudt lineup would have been a NYFWM dream.

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