The Suffering: Heliot Emil Spring/Summer 2018 NYFW:M

The exquisite suffering of Heliot Emil
Runway, Men

P.T.C.S. Post Traumatic Combat Stress. Danish design duo Heliot Emil derived an entire collection off of this acronym. Unless you’ve fought or survived a war you’ve probably never experienced it. (Nor would you want to). It’s a very real psychological disorder that usually affects soldiers. And Heliot Emil’s man has got it bad.

He’s having a hard time coping with post-war life. Like most, he turns to drugs and nightlife—olive parachute jackets and “Ketamine” hoodies, (naturally). His only friends. But friends are overrated. His house is covered in plastic and his brain is probably mush. Did I mention his house is covered in plastic?

Unlike their contemporaries, the vision of brothers Julius and Victor Juul is not an uplifting one. But that begs the question, is it fashion’s job to always be uplifting? More than the presentation’s styling I always appreciate a little controversy. Whether Heliot Emil elegantly covered this subject matter is up for debate. Regardless, Emil’s guy is undoubtedly suffering. But fortunately, he hasn’t lost his sense of style.

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