Protocol: Kenneth Ning Spring/Summer 2018

The rigid invite used terms like "serve" and "report".
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I had been summoned by Kenneth Ning. The rigid invite used terms like “serve” and “report”. It was clear the direction he was taking. Although I don’t recall seeing much camo, save for a single jacket. But that would be too easy. Recycled shirting and oversized outerwear dominated the majority of the collection.

If you follow Ning, remnants of his previous showing, “Re:Industries”, were present in “Protocol”. Perhaps his Park Avenue princes had grown tired of the stuffy suits? Whatever the cause, Ning knows how to capitalize on a good idea and build it into a cohesive narrative. Even if it was similar to collections past. A definitive strength he’ll have to hone if he someday wants to be a commercial success.

As the house music shriek of the catwalk pulsated, and the models filed down the runway for the finale, I had a thought. Maybe we’re all due for a little discipline?


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