The Affordable Cousin: Gustav Von Aschenbach Spring/Summer 2018 NYFW:M

Restrained was the best adjective to describe Geller's project for the people.
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Guests lined up outside the Cadillac House Tuesday afternoon to meet Gustav Von Aschenbach. Robert Geller’s chiller, more approachable and affordable cousin. From the start, it was clear we weren’t in Kansas anymore. Unlike shows past, there was no assigned seating. As guests formed an L shape around the perimeter of the runway, five models walked out of stage doors, in five different looks, posed for pictures and rotated. Restrained was the best adjective to describe Geller’s project for the people. Although there had been significant hubbub here in the tight-knit circle of menswear, the product was quieter than the buzz surrounding it.

Which perhaps was Gustav’s biggest selling point. Aside from the proposed attractive price points, that is. This isn’t to say that the clothes weren’t attractive too. A striped beige and black ensemble surely caught my fancy. But it left me wondering as I’m sure it had others wondering, what would become of Robert Geller? I guess we’ll have to wait till next season to find out.

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