MODULARITY by Christopher Paepke

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The cyclical nature of the fashion industry means that a constant output of trends always reoccurs at different moments in time. However, while hemlines drop and erogenous zones shift, certain keystones remain the same. Form, function and practicality are the hallmarks of any designer looking to appeal to a wide consumer base. Looking to challenge traditional notions of dress is Christopher Paepke, a Berlin-based designer whose latest project confronts the idea of standardized dressing head on.

Titled “Modularity”, this editorial showcases two looks from Paepke’s designs that demonstrate originality in design and dress. Rather than adhering to social norms, Paepke is a strong proponent of individualization and innovation. The zippers and closures featured in these looks allow for multiple ways of wearing the garments both independently and in conjunction with other pieces. Different textures come together unexpectedly with the option of rearranging and reattaching several ‘modular’ parts. Keeping experimentation in mind, Paepke is well-positioned to explore this theme further and to develop a solid foundation based on these modern values.

Photographer: Adrian Abel
Models: Dennis Loebach & Daniel Riesinger
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