Red Light: S.P. Badu Spring/Summer 2018

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Incarnations of streetwear these days can veer towards rebirths of hoodies, sweats, oversized t-shirts, all created with the conceit to make the wearer look cooler, more stylish. I’ve been a fan of Spencer Badu, the young mind behind S.P. Badu, for several seasons now. Not because he has the ability to make top quality streetwear with a breath of uniqueness (which, he can), but because his eponymous line has the ability to exude a dose of understated sexuality into streetwear’s semi-played out canon of hoodies, sweats, and the like.

For his most recent Spring/Summer offerings, the Toronto-based designer revamped his portfolio of simple, but head-turning staples. Looser fit pants were cropped at the ankle and paired with a hug-me-tight tank top. Two-piece workman’s suits were finished with undulating snaps up the legs and down the arms – wear ’em done up or let slips of skin peek through. Jackets with a slight puff boasted an almost commercial sheen, almost in the way that latex speaks but without the brash undertones. Weaving between both genders, hip-hugging flared pants shone on both men and women, as did cleavage baring v-neck tops and wrapped sleeveless topcoats.

Badu did offer up his swoon-worthy streetwear staples that have become a signature of the designer in his sophmore season: a pair of slim fitting black sweats that have already been snatched up by the like of A$AP Rocky.

For this Toronto-based designer, the trajectory is only set sky high.

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