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The Galaxy of Asu Aksu

Asu Aksu’s collection for Spring/Summer 2015, titled “7th Sister,” gives the eyes what a smooth EDM track does to the ears—a boundless trek…
Women, Fashion, Lookbook

Daniele Michetti’s World Class Adventure

A visual trademark of Italian design has always been the handcrafted pursuit of penultimate luxury, and this year’s Pre-Fall 2015 collection…
Women, Fashion, Lookbook

LINIE Fall/Winter 2015 Collection

LINIE’s Fall/Winter 2015 lineup offers as much fresh and unblemished detailing as a leisurely perimeter through the MOMA. And, like preserving…
Men, Fashion, Lookbook, Collections

Itokawafilm Autumn/Winter 2015

The Itokawafilm man is the kind you would want to meet in a dark alleyway-attractively subdued and esoteric, the passerby who is all the while…
Women, Fashion, Lookbook

Sister Sister: Capara’s Sketch of Modern Art

Using audiovisual exposé as a means of bearing their designs down to the bone, Sarajevo-born sisters Vera and Olivera Capara have translated wearable designs…

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