Women, Campaigns

True Colors: ANNAKIKI Autumn/Winter 2016 Campaign

No matter what you have to say, make it a statement. A declaration, a bold and proud assertion. Anna Yang’s simple mantra, “Be Yourself,”…
Women, Fashion, Campaigns

Completely Wright: FLOW The Label Fall/Winter 2016 Campaign

Striving to revive genuine femininity at a time where “androgyny” is the industry buzzword, the 2-going-on-3-year-old Ukrainian-Belgian brand,…
Women, Fashion, Campaigns

Blocks & Pops: Caroline Kummelstedt Fall/Winter 2016 Campaign

Caroline Kummelstedt mastered the paradox of piling on layers of clothing to pile up on sex appeal in her Fall/Winter 2016 collection. Committed…
Women, Campaigns, Collections

Blast from the Past: Atelier Kikala Fall/Winter 2016 Campaign

Atelier Kikala’s Fall 2016 collection may seem a little offbeat, but that’s only because the Georgia-based designer is inspired by the revolutionaries…
Women, Fashion, Campaigns

Pushing for Fifille: Marina Hoermanseder Spring/Summer 2017 Campaign

Marina Hoermanseder, known for her leather-sculpted flowers and latex constructions, holds a special place in my heart as one of very few designers…
Women, Campaigns

Femme Fantasies: Baum und Pferdearten Spring/Summer 2017

Prep is back with a vengeance in Baum & Pferdearten’s Spring/Summer 2017 installment. The Copenhagen-made line features ultra-femme looks…
Women, Fashion

Dual Reality: Anrealage Spring/Summer 2017

George Lucas has been lauded for his creation of Star Wars, but was he mistaken to not conceive cell phones and tablets in this futuristic world?…
Women, Fashion, Lookbook, Campaigns

Subtlety with a Punch: Berenik Fall/Winter 2016 Campaign

A contemporary, urban landscape played an underlying role throughout Berenik’s Fall/Winter 2016 campaign. Whether revealing itself through…
Women, Fashion, Lookbook, Campaigns

Refined Graphics: Cynthia Mak Fall/Winter 2016 Campaign

Since graduating from Central Saint Martins in London, Hong Kong-born designer Cynthia Mak has created an entirely sophisticated line infused…
Women, Fashion, Campaigns, Collections

Where Words Fell Silent: Max Tan Fall/Winter 2016 Campaign

For his Fall/Winter 2016 MAX. TAN unleashed an intense leather-heavy collection, expounded by deconstructed dresses. The commitment to loose…
Women, Fashion, Campaigns, Collections

With Style and Grace: Nobi Talai Fall/Winter 2016 Collection

Nobi Talai is a vision of lavish dressmaking and textiles. The Berlin-based designer passionately created a Fall Winter 2016 Collection consisting…
Women, Fashion, Campaigns

Nuanced Sexuality: Keta Gutmane Spring/Summer 2016 Campaign

As Keta Gutmane Spring/Summer 2016 demonstrates androgyny is the new black, her collection communicates a more nuanced sexuality. Gutmane’s…

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