Women, Fashion, Campaigns

Pushing for Fifille: Marina Hoermanseder Spring/Summer 2017 Campaign

Marina Hoermanseder, known for her leather-sculpted flowers and latex constructions, holds a special place in my heart as one of very few designers…
Women, Campaigns

Femme Fantasies: Baum und Pferdearten Spring/Summer 2017

Prep is back with a vengeance in Baum & Pferdearten’s Spring/Summer 2017 installment. The Copenhagen-made line features ultra-femme looks…
Women, Fashion

Dual Reality: Anrealage Spring/Summer 2017

George Lucas has been lauded for his creation of Star Wars, but was he mistaken to not conceive cell phones and tablets in this futuristic world?…
Women, Fashion, Campaigns

Nuanced Sexuality: Keta Gutmane Spring/Summer 2016 Campaign

As Keta Gutmane Spring/Summer 2016 demonstrates androgyny is the new black, her collection communicates a more nuanced sexuality. Gutmane’s…
Women, Fashion, Campaigns, Collections

’80s Disco Queen: Nicole Zhang Spring/Summer 2016 Collection

Read the Deux Hommes exclusive interview with designer Nicole Zhang CREDITS Photographer | YUCONG
Alighieri Jewelry-SS16-2
Women, Fashion, Campaigns, Collections

A Poet’s Journey: Alighieri Jewelry Spring/Summer 2016 Collection

Leering faces of tortured souls and their demon tormentors, serpentine heads and scales, and gold coins reminiscent of Rome in its Antiquity…
Women, Fashion, Campaigns, Collections

An Oasis of Serenity: Kaelen Spring/Summer 2016 Collection

Polar white tops and knee-length skirts fit for summer exposure, edged with fringe detail and cool colors taken from northern sunsets, was the…
Women, Fashion, Lookbook, Campaigns, Collections

Through The Meadow: Marina Hoermanseder Spring/Summer 2016 Collection

Truly the epitome of the Spring season, Marina Hoermanseder’s Spring/Summer 2016 collection was an absolute delight. Making waves since her…
Women, Fashion, Campaigns, Collections

Never Growing Up: YII Spring/Summer 2016 Collection

With all the London Fashion Week festivities came womenswear label YII’s debut collection at the famous Vinyl Factory. Based in Kuala Lampur,…
Women, Men, Fashion, Campaigns, Interview

BARBARA I GONGINI Interviewed by Marlo Saalmink

A FAROESE WORLD OF WONDERS. Every now and then, one meets an individual so unique and sincerely perceptive. Carefully chosen words, resonate…
Women, Fashion, Campaigns

Edie Karimova Spring/Summer 2014

Sometimes we are oblivious to the beauty around us: not only from what surrounds us, but what is beneath us.  Ukranian designer Edie Karimova’s…

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