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Cold Comfort: J´ai Mal à la Tête Fall/Winter 2017

For a label that’s name translates quite literally into ‘I have a headache”, there was an easiness to the German label’s Fall/Winter…
Editorial, Women, Young Blood, Collections

YOUNG BLOODS: Kaimin Autumn/Winter 2017

While Deux Hommes has always been a home to emerging designers on the fashion scene, we’ve come to realize that there are a handful of…
Runway, Women, Collections, Runway

The Village Shaman: Quoi Alexander Fall/Winter 2017 PFW

Hard work really does pay off. In the case of Quoi Alexander, the dedication and effort in the craftsmanship is plain to see in the stunning…
Runway, Women, Men, Collections, Runway

Parisian Novelties: Neith Nyer Fall/Winter 2017 PFW

Donning headgear that recalled colonial mob caps and Nintendo’s Pikmin, the Neith Nyer Fall/Winter 2017 runway was a brazen experiment.…
Runway, Women, Collections, Runway

Ruffle My Feathers: Anne Sofie Madsen Fall/Winter 2017 PFW

Season after season, Anne Sofie Madsen has topped my list of highlights of Paris Fashion Week. I’ve often wondered why – is it her…
Runway, Women, Collections, Runway

Wander On: Liselore Frowijn Fall/Winter 2017 PFW

‘Get outside’ is the mentality Liselore Frowijn adopted for the designer’s eponymous Fall/Winter 2017 collection at Paris Fashion…
Runway, Women, Collections, Runway

Man versus Women: Victoria/Tomas Fall/Winter 2017 PFW

If the name of the brand is any suggestion, Victoria/Tomas revolves around a stark dichotomy between male and female. The brand’s Fall/Winter…
Runway, Women, Collections, Runway

Back to Black: RICOSTRU Fall/Winter 2017 MFW

A derivative of the word, “reconstruction,” RICOSTRU is a Chinese brand based in Guangzhou that encompasses Manchit Au and her team…
Runway, Women, Collections, Runway

Girl Power: Markoo Fall/Winter 2017

With a name stemming from the hybridization of Portuguese-born Tania Martins’ and Iranian-born Mona Koochek’s last names, ‘cool girl’…
Runway, Women, Collections, Runway

So Extra: ANNAKIKI Fall/Winter 2017 MFW

Too much is never enough with ANNAKIKI. Unlike the elegant tailoring that you’d expect at Milan Fashion Week, designer Anna Yang delivered…
Runway, Women, Collections, Runway

Northerly Winds: Sid Neigum Fall/Winter 2017 TOFW

It was just a few seasons ago that I lauded Neigum’s mastery of the mathematical, was enamored by Neigum’s sculptural, geometric creations.…
Runway, Women, Collections, Runway

Menswear Revisited: J. JS Lee Fall/Winter 2017 LFW

Very much a darling Fall/Winter collection, the J. JS Lee runway at LFW offered clean, transparent design aesthetics with bold accents in construction…

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