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Blue Suede Shoes: Etudes Spring/Summer 2018 PFWM

Etudes has been one of my highlights of Paris’s menswear offerings for years. The collective-based studio is always running on full cylinders:…
Runway, Men, Collections, Runway

Alchemist Fixations: Boris Bidjan Saberi Spring/Summer 2018 PFWM

First impressions of the Boris Bidjan Saberi collection were nothing short of startling. Accustomed to the current Spring/Summer 2018 displays…
Runway, Men, Collections, Runway

Tender Softboys: Sean Suen Spring/Summer 2018 PFWM

Dedicated to all you “Softboys” out there, Sean Suen’s Spring/Summer collection was surprisingly sweet and tender at Paris…
Runway, Men, Collections, Runway

Seasonal Convict: JULIUS Spring/Summer 2018 PFWM

After making eye contact with any of the models at the JULIUS runway, it’d be difficult to say that you didn’t feel slightly threatened.…
Runway, Men, Collections, Runway

Closet Fantasies: Y/Project Spring/Summer 2018 PFWM

As expected, there were some amazing looks at Y/Project’s Spring/Summer 2018 runway. But that’s obviously the understatement of the…
Runway, Men, Collections, Runway

The Fool, The Lover, and The Poet: Icosae Spring/Summer 2018 PFWM

The Icosae Spring/Summer 2018 collection brought nothing but flashbacks of early 2000’s era punk-rock artists Green Day and My Chemical…
Runway, Women, Men, Collections, Runway

Harmony Through Diversity: POAN Spring/Summer 2018 MFWM

An acronym for Peoples of All Nations, POAN released their ambitious Spring/Summer 2018 collection at Milan Fashion Week Men’s just the…
Runway, Men, Collections, Runway

For Generation Z: SUNNEI Spring/Summer 2018 MFWM

If we’re speaking frankly, Milan Fashion Week can sometimes be a bit of a bore. We’re not too fond of the ultra-classic Italian tailoring…
Runway, Men, Collections, Runway

Suit Me Just Fine: Munson Kwon Spring/Summer 2018 MFWM

Suiting has been, and always will be, one of the biggest power moves in the menswear world. A staple of every man and a symbol of good grooming,…
Runway, Men, Collections, Runway

In the Garden of Eden: Katie Eary Spring/Summer 2018 LFWM

There’s something that feels slightly off about writing a menswear review and bringing the phrases “butterfly-printed, overtly-floral,…
Runway, Men, Collections, Runway

Galactic PVC: Harry Xu Spring/Summer 2018 LFWM

Backed by mirrored spheres, the Harry Xu collection for Spring/Summer 2018 seemed to dress a sci-fi adventure. Holographic and reflective PVC…
Runway, Men, Collections, Runway

Got You Hooked: D.Gnak Spring/Summer 2018 LFWM

Kang Dong Jun took apart his label’s street-cool edge quite literally for London Fashion Week Men’s. Using different types of hardware,…

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