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Artificial Bodies: MAPE Spring/Summer 2017

Helmed by Maike Peterson, new Berlin-based brand MAPE offers fashion a sociocritical perspective through its explorative themes and stalwart…
Women, Fashion, Lookbook, Collections

Kept Under Wraps: Katherine Mavridis Spring/Summer 2017

Like filmmaker Wes Anderson or painter Jackson Pollock, the best thing about Katherine Mavridis’s work is that it’s instantly recognizable…
Women, Collections

Girl Power: Scottacus Anthony Spring/Summer 2017

Scottacus Anthony’s Spring/Summer 2017 collection is proof that the sequins of the 80’s and 90’s are alive and well. The London-based designer’s…
Women, Fashion, Lookbook

/Unknown/: Tezil Nazab Spring/Summer 2017

With an expressive flair, TEZIL NAZAB (a conceptual Peruvian clothing line by Liz Bazan) merged the concept of social unrest with unconventional…
Women, Lookbook

Lace Me Up: Mikhael Kale Spring/Summer 2017

It was clear from Mikhael Kale’s Spring/Summer 2017 collection that the Canadian designer’s current obsessions include laces and snakeskin.…
Women, Runway

Welcome to Belgrade: Aleksandra Lalic Spring/Summer 2017

Earlier this month, I had the pleasure of being invited to Belgrade Fashion Week; and, without hesitation, I jumped for it. With no expectations,…
Women, Collections

Lock Me Up: Txell Miras Spring/Summer 2017 Runway

Although Txell Miras tends to stick with neutrals for most of her collections, there’s nothing plain about this year’s Spring/Summer 2017…
Women, Fashion, Lookbook, Collections

Carbon: DZHUS Spring/Summer 2017

If you can remember as far back to your grade school studies, you’d know (or at least be familiar with) the concept of the conservation…
Women, Runway

Bold Hues: Vlada Savic Belgrade Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2017

One of the designers to show toward the end of Belgrade Fashion Week earlier this month, Vlada Savic and her brightly coloured collection proved…
Women, Runway

All Aboad: Ana Ljubinkovic Spring/Summer 2017 Belgrade Fashion Week

You might already be familiar with the Belgrade-based designer Ana Ljubinkovic. In September, she showed her Spring/Summer 2017 collection during…
Women, Runway

Zero Percent: Sonja Jocic Spring/Summer 2017 Belgrade Fashion Week

One of the rising stars in the Serbian fashion scene, Sonja Jocic revealed her new collection at Belgrade Fashion Week, following her wins at…
Women, Fashion, Campaigns

Pushing for Fifille: Marina Hoermanseder Spring/Summer 2017 Campaign

Marina Hoermanseder, known for her leather-sculpted flowers and latex constructions, holds a special place in my heart as one of very few designers…

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