Interview, Fashion, Interview

Delving Deeper into the World of Barbara I Gongini

Barbara I Gongini is no stranger to the world of the avant-garde. On the contrary, she’s an exemplar of the creative niche and its Nordic constituents.…
Interview, Young Blood, Collections, Interview

YOUNG BLOODS: An Interview with Hærværk

About a month ago, we came across Danish brand Hærværk and reviewed their Autumn/Winter 2017 presentation at Copenhagen Fashion Week. In the…
Interview, Fashion, Interview

Behind VIZUVL GVDS: A Chat with Muktar Onifade

His edgy street wear looks have made fans of celebrities including hip hop artist Desiigner. But for Muktar Onifade, owner of emerging label…
Women, Fashion, Interview

A Glimpse Within Her Mind: An Interview with Irina Dzhus

Finished poring over the DZHUS Spring/Summer 2017 collection called “Carbon,” all of us here at Deux Hommes felt unsatiated. The…
Yohei & Miriam SHOOP
Men, Fashion, Lookbook, Interview

That Street Sound: An Interview With SHOOP

They say music is a form of communication that all languages can understand, and I’d imagine the same is true about fashion, especially after…
Women, Fashion, Lookbook, Interview

Rule Breaker: A Conversation With Keta Gutmane

Revolving doors tracks that keep running. I may never stop nor may we have time to catch up. Glued to our social media screens, we watch around…
Men, Fashion, Interview

Danshan: an interview with the emerging duo

  Have you ever realized how many boundaries surround the male figure in the fashion system? The born Chinese, now UK-based duo Dan and…
Fashion, Interview

ManéMané: Interviewing Miguel Becer

A strong femininity charged by brilliant colors is mixed to an eclectic style with massive proportions. That’s the Fall-Winter 2016 collection…
Women, Fashion, Interview

Maxed Out: An Interview with MAX.TAN

Perpetually pushing the boundaries of womenswear, we’re completely absorbed by Max Tan and his past Fall/Winter 2016 collection. Moody…
Women, Fashion, Runway, Interview

Homegrown: The World of Peggy Sue

It may be the ingrained image of glamour that we associate with the fashion industry, but the image of Peggy Sue Deaven-Smiltnieks, knee deep…
Brett Johnson-FW16-18
Men, Fashion, Interview

The World of Brett Johnson

I was absolutely shocked when Brett Johnson told me he grew up on a ranch in the homey state of Virginia. It’s hardly the scenario anyone would…
Fashion, Interview

Seeking Utopia: An Interview with Palmiers du Mal

“Take me away,” was my first thought when I came across Palmiers du Mal. The brainchild between New-York based duo Shane Fonner and Brandon…

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