Women, Fashion, Interview

A Glimpse Within Her Mind: An Interview with Irina Dzhus

Finished poring over the DZHUS Spring/Summer 2017 collection called “Carbon,” all of us here at Deux Hommes felt unsatiated. The…
Women, Fashion, Lookbook, Interview

Rule Breaker: A Conversation With Keta Gutmane

Revolving doors tracks that keep running. I may never stop nor may we have time to catch up. Glued to our social media screens, we watch around…
Women, Fashion, Interview

Maxed Out: An Interview with MAX.TAN

Perpetually pushing the boundaries of womenswear, we’re completely absorbed by Max Tan and his past Fall/Winter 2016 collection. Moody…
Women, Fashion, Runway, Interview

Homegrown: The World of Peggy Sue

It may be the ingrained image of glamour that we associate with the fashion industry, but the image of Peggy Sue Deaven-Smiltnieks, knee deep…
Women, Fashion, Interview

“I Like Bad Taste”: An Interview With Designer James Hock

James Hock never bothers to fit within the standards of traditional labels, nor does his brand. The Malaysian born designer first studied accounting…
Women, Men, Fashion, Interview

Purity: A Conversation with Victoria/TOMAS

Partnerships: they come in many forms. Some are more profound than others. When they do work and result in a beautiful collision of sartorial…
Women, Fashion, Lookbook, Interview

China’s Young Blood: A Chat With Yirantian Guo

A riveting mood board mounted messily on an army of books & fabric swatches catches my eye. Sparse black and white images of women in oversized…
Women, Men, Fashion, Collections, Editorial, Video, Models, Interview

Deux Hommes Releases “The New Wave”

Dear Reader, We’d like to introduce to you our 4th issue titled, “The New Wave.” Realizing that the newest talents are trying to push…
Haizhen Wang Portrait
Women, Men, Fashion, Runway, Interview

The Tipping Point: A Chat With Haizhen Wang

A pungent sense of minimalism infused with delicate androgyny make up for Chinese designer Haizhen Wang’s Spring/Summer 2016 collection. Wang,…
Women, Fashion, Interview

A Chat with Designer Nicole Zhang on Individualism and Shanghai’s Fashion Future

In the shuttling lanes of Shanghai’s labyrinth lies the quaint studio of designer Nicole Zhang. Sunlight weakly emanates through the glass…
Rinat Brodach-SS-16-5
Women, Fashion, Lookbook, Interview

Nothing But A Dream: A Chat With Womenswear Designer Rinat Brodach

Rinat Shayna Brodach’s journey to whom and where she is now wasn’t an easy one. The Israeli-born daughter of Moroccan and Eastern European…
Women, Men, Fashion, Lookbook, Editorial, Video, Models, Interview

REWIND: The Week In Review

TÊTE-À-TÊTE WITH CANADIAN ROYALTY: JACQUELINE PIRON As I walk up the brick stairs that lead to Jacqueline Piron’s charming Toronto-based…

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