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The Bon Vivant: Avelon Spring/Summer 2017 Berlin

Avelon’s Spring/Summer 2016 collection bid hello to the bon vivant. The girls who love to live, and love to live well. Erik Frenken’s newest…
Women, Men, Fashion, Runway

Sorry Not Sorry: Julian Zigerli Spring/Summer 2017 Berlin

Presenting at Berlin Fashion Week, Julian Zigerli is unabashedly cheeky in his Spring/Summer 2017 collection. Ironically titled, “Sorry,”…
Women, Runway

Long, Hot, Summer: Marina Hoermanseder Spring/Summer 2017

This season, Marina Hoermanseder dreamed herself away to the Southern shores. The Berlin-based designer’s Spring/Summer 2017 collection found…
Women, Fashion, Collections, Runway

Subtle Evolution: Michael Sontag Spring/Summer 2017

In a digital age that equates overexposed skin to sex appeal, Berlin-based designer Michael Sontag continues to make a strong case for the allure…
Women, Fashion, Runway

Redefining Melancholia: Philomena Zanetti Autumn/Winter 2016 Berlin Fashion Week

A life-long fascination with flora and fauna as well as a love for natural beauty is what inspired designer Julia Leifert to leave her home in…
Women, Fashion, Runway

Aura: Perret Schaad Autumn/Winter 2016 Berlin Fashion Week

Perret Schaad’s Autumn/Winter 2016 collection echoes the contrast of a city in fall, combining somber tones reminiscent of the cityscape with…
Mariana Jungmann Show - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin Autumn/Winter 2016
Women, Fashion, Runway

Deshecho: Mariana Jungmann Autumn/Winter 2016 Berlin Fashion Week

Presented during Berlin Fashion Week, Brazilian-born designer Mariana Jungmann’s Autumn/Winter 2016 collection took strong inspiration from…
Women, Fashion, Runway

Plasticine Wonderland: Marina Hoermanseder Autumn/Winter 2016 Berlin Fashion Week

Amber silk blouses, buckle-embellished pencil skirts and molded dresses from Viennese designer Marina Hoermanseder’s Autumn/Winter 2016 collection…

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