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She’s Got Flare: Beaufille Fall/Winter 2017 NYFW

Beaufille has long since been one of my highlights not just of New York Fashion Week, where the Canadian sister act just showed their Fall/Winter…
Runway, Men, Women, Collections, Runway

Out of Office: Linder Fall/Winter 2017 NYFW

As much as office-wear staples, like houndstooth and shoulder padding, was ever-present in Linder’s first dual-gender show – the…
Runway, Men, Collections, Runway

A Fetish for the New: VFiles Runway 8 Fall/Winter 2017 NYFW

While there wasn’t anything as controversial as the last VFILES Runway (i.e. an intervention by Young Thug), Runway 8 continued to set…
Runway, Women, Men, Collections, Runway

Gilded Florals: Yohanix Fall/Winter 2017 NYFW: Concept Korea

At first glance, the Yohanix Fall/Winter 2017 collection appeared all-over-the-place: there didn’t seem to be a synthesis of concept, reference…
Runway, Women, Men, Collections, Runway

Y2K Cyberpunk: Kimmy J Fall/Winter 2017 NYFW: Concept Korea

Though presented at New York Fashion Week, the Kimmy J Fall/Winter 2017 collection would have been more at home in the youth-centric fashion…
Runway, Women, Men, Collections, Runway

Total Snobs: Greedilous Fall/Winter 2017 NYFW: Concept Korea

Had Carrigan Crittenden inherited her father’s fortune in the 1995 film Casper, perhaps she would’ve worn the looks showcased at…
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LOVE: Carolina Sarria Fall/Winter 2017 NYFW

On February 10th, Carolina Sarria and artist Katya Zvereva presented an art installation and runway show entitled LOVE that explored passion…
Runway, Men, Collections, Runway

Perfect Little American Psychos: Kenneth Ning Fall/Winter 2017 NYFW:M

For four seasons, I’ve followed Kenneth Ning, from Moroccan androgyny at Industria Superstudios to Full Metal Jacket militant at Skylight Clarkson…
Runway, Men, Collections, Runway

The Leisure Class: Palmiers Du Mal Fall/Winter 2017 NYFW:M

Some times we just want to drift away. And for Palmiers Du Mal, what perfect time to leave the woes and worries behind than for the brand’s…
Runway, Men, Collections, Runway

I ♥ You, NY: Raf Simons Fall/Winter 2017 NYFW:M

Raf Simons has always been fond of youth culture, there’s nothing new about that. From the boys he casts in his shows to the witticisms…
Runway, Men, Collections, Runway

Over/Under: Raun Larose Fall/Winter 2017 NYFW:M

There was no dimension left unexamined for Raun Larose’s debut collection at New York Fashion Week: Mens. Puffer coats, billowing pants,…
Runway, Women, Men, Collections, Runway

City Kid Blues: Death To Tennis Fall/Winter 2017 NYFW:M

Illuminated by the glowing red lights, Death to Tennis boasted a sultry and romanticized vision for their Fall/Winter 2017 presentation at NYFW:M.…

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