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Teenage Rebel: Jarret Fall/Winter 2016 Seoul Fashion Week

Denim on denim, kitten-like crowns, snakeskin hot-pants and quilted satin bomber jackets — Jarret’s Fall/Winter 2016 collection was the epitome…
Women, Men, Fashion, Runway

Modern Minimalism: Dozoh Fall/Winter 2016 SFW

Korean designer Do Jo proved that the future of fashion lies in angular lines and sleek materials. Under self-proclaimed label Dozoh, his Fall/Winter…
Women, Men, Fashion, Runway

Fresh Prints of Bel-Air: Sewing Boundaries Fall/Winter 2016

Explicitly cluing in audiences with oversized, embroidered sweatshirts that read, “NJS,” and, “New Jack Swing,” Dongho Ha and his label,…
Women, Men, Fashion, Runway

Hit the Bull’s Eye: Surreal But Nice Seoul Fall/Winter 2016

Hit the bull’s eye. It’s the mantra that’s been branded throughout the unisex collection, portraying the persona of a warrior. Lee…
Women, Men, Fashion, Runway

Dreams of Enchanted Adventures: JKOO Fall/Winter 2016 Seoul Fashion Week

JKOO speaks through elegant prints and delicate silhouettes. The designer duo, Jinwoo Choi and Yeonjoo Koo, combined strangeness within the beauty…
Women, Men, Fashion, Runway

Into The Dark: Vlades Fall/Winter 2016 Collection SFW

I can see your light, but I love your dark. Dark, moody and cut with sartorial rigor, Vlades (designed by Moo Yeol Choi) is a mood that evokes…
Women, Men, Fashion, Runway

Where The Wild Things Are: Rocket x Lunch Fall/Winter 2016

“Let the wild rumpus start!” Founder of Rocket x Lunch, Jinwon Woo reveals Nirvana, his new collection. Enlightened at the furry…
Women, Men, Fashion, Runway

All Grown Up: 87 MM Seoul Fall/Winter 2016

Fashion doesn’t necessitate garish visual impact. Through the avant-garde and enigmatic collections are others that still speak sartorially…
Women, Men, Fashion, Runway

Experimental Aesthete: Byungmun Seo Fall/Winter 2016 Seoul Fashion Week

South Korea’s position at the forefront of streetwear culture and fashion is imminent. Byungmun Seo’s Fall/Winter collection at Seoul Fashion…
Women, Men, Fashion, Runway

Vengeful Youth: R. Shemiste Fall/Winter 2016 Seoul Fashion Week

If you haven’t seen Park Chang-wook’s Sympathy for Lady Vengeance, stop reading this article right now and go do so. R. Shemiste’s Fall/Winter…
Women, Fashion, Lookbook, Runway

All Hail The Queen: Big Park Spring/Summer 2016 Collection

If Marie Antoinette were alive she’d be frolicking around Versailles in Big Park’s Spring/Summer 2016 collection. The looks were sugar and…
Women, Fashion, Runway

Cirque de Soleil: Cres E. Dim Spring/Summer 2016 Collection

Hong Bum Kim, the mastermind behind Korean label Cres E. Dim, shot himself out of a cannon this season, so to speak. For his Spring/Summer 2016…

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