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Safari Subtleties: STYL.MYL. Fall/Winter 2016

Say hello to STYL.MYL. Pronounced, “stylo-mylo,” the Singaporean brand takes its name from a slang term that describes someone as fashionable…
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LOS 33: CRES E. DIM Autumn/Winter 2015 Collection

Crescendo e diminuendo, the two separate, yet equally powerful acts of sound getting stronger and growing weaker, serves as CRES E. DIM’s mantra…
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Tundra: Avvikk Autumn/Winter 2015 Collection

Earthbound visions, penumbral inner space and metaphorical mobility are the mainstays behind Avvikk’s Autumn/Winter 2015 collection. Aptly…
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The Beauty of Mobility: FFIXXED Studios Autumn/Winter 2015 Collection

By capitalizing on the notion that fashion, art and design are in no way mutually exclusive, FFIXXED Studios has created a collaborative project…
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Voyager: Wood House Autumn/Winter 2015 Collection

Arctic tones and Korean style blend to create a masculinity composed from “strength and security” in Wood House’s Autumn/Winter 2015 collection.…
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Double Duty: Danielle Foster Autumn/Winter 2015 Collection

From London comes a designer that boasts a minimalist and clean accessory collection that may seem simple at first glance but never fails to…
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Sensory: Bibi Chemnitz Autumn/Winter 2015 Collection

Self-taught and self-aware, Bibi Chemnitz is a designer who perfectly understands her aesthetic and is capable of conveying a distinct narrative…
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More Grace Than Grit: Masnada Autumn/Winter 2015 Collection

With a name that means “gang of thieves,” Masnada’s Autumn Winter 2015 collection is surprisingly tender. Founded by Angelo Iannello in…
Men, Fashion, Runway

The Birth: Noirer Autumn/Winter 2015 Collection

Noirer’s Autumn/Winter 2015 showing, entitled “The Born of Noir”, brought workwear essentials for the more avant-garde inclined dude.…
Wesley Berryman-2
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Gothic Couture: Wesley Berryman “002” Collection

When unisex fashion debuted back in the swinging Sixties, it was marking the sexual revolution. Fast-forward to Wesley Berryman’s “002”…
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Only For The Daring: J’ai Mal á la Tête Autumn/Winter 2015 Collection

Cobalt pullovers and grey drawstring trousers paired with matching zippered jackets built a line reminiscent of a British fighter pilot’s uniform…
Women, Fashion, Lookbook

For The Untrained Eye: Taro Horiuchi Autumn/Winter 2015 Collection

Born into a family of art dealers, Tokyo native Taro Horiuchi brings the allure of ancient art to the fashion world. The Antwerp graduate is…

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