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REWIND: The Week in Review

OCTOBER 26TH, 2015 Fashion Editor Jennifer Stevens’ Essentials List Deux Hommes Fashion Editor Jennifer Stevens shares her fall essentials…
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Designer Spotlight: Jo EunHye of BOURIE

Designer Name: Jo EunHye Brand: BOURIE Established: 2014 Brand Philosophy: Maintaining conceptualism Favorite Fabrics/Materials: Rigid fabric…
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Foreplay by Jun Shim for The Korea Issue

Foreplay by JUN SHIM for Deux Hommes Issue 3 The Korea Issue Photographer: Jun Shim Wardrobe: BOURIE Fall Winter 2015 All throughout Shoes: BOURIE…
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The Good, Lost Girl: Bourie Spring/Summer 2016

Originally studying classic music composition, Grace Jo made the daring jump to study fashion design after one semester. Why? A semester abroad…
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Bourie Fall/Winter 2015 Collection

While some designers are busy apologizing for too much femininity or color, BOURIE was busy kicking it up a notch, keeping us all on our strong…

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