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YOUNG BLOODS: An Interview with Hærværk

About a month ago, we came across Danish brand Hærværk and reviewed their Autumn/Winter 2017 presentation at Copenhagen Fashion Week. In the…
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Behind VIZUVL GVDS: A Chat with Muktar Onifade

His edgy street wear looks have made fans of celebrities including hip hop artist Desiigner. But for Muktar Onifade, owner of emerging label…
Yohei & Miriam SHOOP
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That Street Sound: An Interview With SHOOP

They say music is a form of communication that all languages can understand, and I’d imagine the same is true about fashion, especially after…
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Danshan: an interview with the emerging duo

  Have you ever realized how many boundaries surround the male figure in the fashion system? The born Chinese, now UK-based duo Dan and…
Fashion, Interview

ManéMané: Interviewing Miguel Becer

A strong femininity charged by brilliant colors is mixed to an eclectic style with massive proportions. That’s the Fall-Winter 2016 collection…
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Wood House Interview Fall/Winter 2016

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Julian Woodhouse, the creative director and designer of his namesake brand WOOD HOUSE. Julian’s…
Women, Men, Fashion, Interview

Purity: A Conversation with Victoria/TOMAS

Partnerships: they come in many forms. Some are more profound than others. When they do work and result in a beautiful collision of sartorial…
Women, Fashion, Lookbook, Interview

China’s Young Blood: A Chat With Yirantian Guo

A riveting mood board mounted messily on an army of books & fabric swatches catches my eye. Sparse black and white images of women in oversized…
Men, Fashion, Lookbook, Interview

Love & Life: A Chat with Feng Chen Wang feat. Spring/Summer 2016

Foam-infused black silhouettes evoke a keen sense of macabre with Chinese designer Feng Cheng Wang’s Spring/Summer 2016 collection termed “Love…
Men, Fashion, Lookbook, Interview

Future Elegance: A Chat with Menswear Designer Raimund Berthold

Encounters of the sinister kind can bring about the mother load of invention. We’re all certain that if normalcy breeds contempt then Berthold…
Haizhen Wang Portrait
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The Tipping Point: A Chat With Haizhen Wang

A pungent sense of minimalism infused with delicate androgyny make up for Chinese designer Haizhen Wang’s Spring/Summer 2016 collection. Wang,…
Women, Fashion, Interview

A Chat with Designer Nicole Zhang on Individualism and Shanghai’s Fashion Future

In the shuttling lanes of Shanghai’s labyrinth lies the quaint studio of designer Nicole Zhang. Sunlight weakly emanates through the glass…

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