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In the Garden of Eden: Katie Eary Spring/Summer 2018 LFWM

There’s something that feels slightly off about writing a menswear review and bringing the phrases “butterfly-printed, overtly-floral,…
Runway, Men, Collections

Mixed Materials: A Cold Wall Spring/Summer 2018 LFWM

In the world of menswear, far too often, comfort staples of cottons and knits are favored over the more out-of-the-box material options of the…
Runway, Men, Collections, Runway

Galactic PVC: Harry Xu Spring/Summer 2018 LFWM

Backed by mirrored spheres, the Harry Xu collection for Spring/Summer 2018 seemed to dress a sci-fi adventure. Holographic and reflective PVC…
Runway, Men, Collections, Runway

Got You Hooked: D.Gnak Spring/Summer 2018 LFWM

Kang Dong Jun took apart his label’s street-cool edge quite literally for London Fashion Week Men’s. Using different types of hardware,…
Runway, Men, Collections, Runway

Go Fly a Kite: Craig Green Spring/Summer 2018 LFWM

Craig Green’s runway shows at London Fashion Week Men’s are always the most unusual. Unlike other designers who employ more accessible…
Runway, Men, Collections, Runway

Courtside: Astrid Andersen Spring/Summer 2018 LFWM

Despite being a relatively new face on the world stage of menswear, Astrid Andersen has quickly earned her chops. Case and point: her logo, emanating…
Runway, Men, Collections, Runway

Filename.PSD: Alex Mullins Spring/Summer 2018 LFWM

Like the floral graphics Alex Mullins chose to use in his Spring/Summer 2018 collection, the garments themselves arrived warped and distorted…
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Geek Squad: Martine Rose Spring/Summer 2018 LFWM

From ’90s grunge to ’90s normcore, designers and layman alike have drawn from a specific period of past nostalgia for quite a while…
Runway, Men, Collections, Runway

A Parade of Pomp: Edward Crutchley Spring/Summer 2018 LFW

Turning a blind eye to its arrogance, we can only adore the glorious pompousness unique to Edward Crutchley and his work. Decked in lustrous…
Runway, Men, Collections, Runway

Finally Free: PRONOUNCE Spring/Summer 2018 LFWM

Presented by GQ China, PRONOUNCE is a robust newcomer to the fashion battlegrounds. Though based in both Milan and Shanghai, designers Yushan…
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The Color of Spice: QASIMI Spring/Summer 2018 LFWM

At a glance, one of the glaring appeals of the QASIMI Spring/Summer 2018 collection is its choice of color. Unbelievably rich and warm, we saw…
Runway, Men, Collections, Runway

Faster, Faster, Faster: Liam Hodges Spring/Summer 2018 LFW

As a cross-body bag on one of Liam Hodges’ models aptly touted, this collection ‘cannot be described’. It was very much a melange…

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